10 Rules to live by


Here are some inspirations I got from the books I have read:
1. Do not worry about the past or the future – you cannot change them except in how you act on the present
2. Judge yourself by your own goals – not by what your peers are doing
3. Focus on adding up small successes – purposeful, effective action. Successful minute, hour, day, week, month, year, LIFE!
4. If you believe – you can achieve. Believe in the American Dream and create your own definition.
5. There is enough out there for everyone to have their share – Believe in the law of abundance.
6. Only you are responsible for your success – or failure. Believe in the law of accountability.
7. Avoid analysis paralysis – Do something and make it happen – Action cures FEAR*.
8. Learn to handle frustration and rejection – They are realities of life
9. Listen to your gut. Take the time to listen to it – meditate
10. Always think Big – Make yourself uncomfortable – it keeps the small stuff in perspective
BONUS: Never underestimate the power of perseverance.

*False Evidence Appearing Real


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